Online Tools

Clients say that our online tools are invaluable at helping them manage their projects and see how costs accrue.

 steadberry - online tools

Steadberry is committed to the continuous development of cutting-edge web-based tools. We regularly receive feedback that our current systems are extremely useful to facilitate efficient management and bespoke, real-time reporting.

20,000 sq.ft of quality off-site storage space
Positions moved:
over 10,000 PA
Projects undertaken from £5,000 to £5 million
Area managed:
over 3 million sq.ft
50 directly employed staff
£15 million turnover


Costracker is a comprehensive online system designed to manage all aspects of our service to corporate clients. The dashboard is available to customers and staff alike, enabling you to see how costs accrue in real time. Staff timesheets and supply chain orders are produced and transparently recorded. The data records provide the foundations for bespoke real-time customer reports and give vital feedback related to budget spend and additional cost allocation.

Costracker also collates data to provide a single comprehensive invoice for customers on a monthly basis.


PPM Pro is a web-based planned preventative toolkit that assists us in ensuring our clients’ buildings are maintained to the best possible standards.

We agree the standards applicable with the client, and then our staff use handheld tablets to record individual faults around the building. These are then collated in the database and disseminated to the relevant party for rectification. Defects are then checked and marked as complete. Over time, this system will record volume of tasks, recognise trends and even assist with preventative measures.

CDM 2015 Toolkit

CDM 2015 put greater emphasis on the client to ensure that their health & safety duties are fulfilled before, during and after a construction project. Steadberry can act as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor; both roles are fundamental to compliance with the regulations.

The toolkit provides a platform for our staff to quickly and efficiently produce all the necessary paperwork required for the numerous small projects that we carry out.

Steadberry Storage

Steadberry stores furniture off-site for numerous prestigious clients. Our online inventory system ensures that they have desktop access to the inventories, as well as being able to request deliveries and collections. The system also records flow of items stored; this helps the client form a long term view of whether it is worth storing certain items..

The online inventory directly correlates to the monthly cost of the storage, giving our clients complete control of what they store and how much it costs. We also reuse or recycle furniture when our clients no longer have a need for it.