Steadberry is a recognised provider of off-site storage that clients can access 24/7.

We offer over 20,000 square feet of quality off-site storage space available to corporate clients, which they can manage via a web-based inventory. The storage of furniture complements our other business activities and enables a seamless service delivery when undertaking moves and projects.

office furniture design and procurement

Storing and reusing furniture is good for the environment and can avoid the long delivery times of new furniture orders. Clients can see what they have in storage online, day and night, and when they need to access their furniture, Steadberry’s fleet of vehicles ensure that delivery expectations can be met without delay.

We also provide and deliver crates for office moves and storage.

Area managed:
over 3 million sq.ft
Projects undertaken from £5,000 to £5 million
Positions moved:
over 10,000 PA
20,000 sq.ft of quality off-site storage space
50 directly employed staff
£15 million turnover

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