Steadberry is not tied to any supplier, which ensures that you will receive objective advice to choose furniture that will add real dimension to your workspace.

Your staff spend more of their waking day in the workspace than any other place, so it’s crucial to get the design right. Whether you’re considering a major relocation or a minor change to an existing workspace, Steadberry have the expertise to define and create your dream working environment.

Choosing your furniture might seem like the easiest part of any procurement or fit-out process: all you need to do is flick through manufacturer catalogues, schedule a daytrip to some showrooms, look at colour swatches and then wait for the mock-ups to be installed, right?

office furniture design and procurement

Well, not quite. While it is certainly more complicated than that, it shouldn’t be overcomplicated and can really be the fun part of a project. Steadberry’s product neutrality ensures you receive genuinely independent and informed advice to choose the furniture that will add character and strength to your organisation’s values and working practices. Whether you need a single pedestal or 1,000 workstations, our team will strive to give best value and impartial assistance, whatever your budget.

For more information please visit our sister company – Qubit Interior Solutions

20,000 sq.ft of quality off-site storage space
Area managed:
over 3 million sq.ft
Positions moved:
over 10,000 PA
Projects undertaken from £5,000 to £5 million
50 directly employed staff
£15 million turnover

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